Apartment 16 (review)

Apartment 16Apartment 16 by Adam Nevill

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What Adam Nevill does well is to look at how the human imagination, through its interaction with various art media (in this case painting), is capable of allowing access into this world the uncanny and terrifying presences that populate other worlds. Like the best fantasists, Nevill renders the shadowy borders between the here and the elsewhere utterly plausible. I won’t give anything away here. Suffice it to say that what is struggling to enter our own world from Apartment 16 ought to give a genuine chill to anyone who’s ever entertained a shadowy thought. The only reason I held off on giving this a full compliment of stars is that, despite how darkly visionary this novel’s central idea is, the story itself does run out of steam shortly before the final climax.

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